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selling my home


I'm not a realtor, but would't doing a market analysis for every house in the entire US be quite time consuming? We could then eliminate appraisers also.

Is age discrimination present in mortgage loans? I added a 90 year co - borrower

My loan application was turned down by an underwriter due to the debt to income ratio being to high, although I was approved through the AUS. I added my 90 yr old aunt as a co-buyer, and am now being almost ignored after 6 plus weeks of adding her. She is on SS, no bills, and a 800 plus credit score. What do I do? This is a FHA loan.

Can I dispute an FHA appraisal if the appraiser listed my house as a 4 brm and it is a 5 brm?


  Do any of your bedrooms have to walked through another bedroom to enter it? I have a "3" bedroom, but the appraiser listed it as a 2 bedroom for that reason.I have a bathroom in a somewhat finished basement he didn't count. I don't know if he missed it or not.How can I dispute that? I e-mailed the appraiser long ago with no response. I brought it to the lender's attention with no response.