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Written about Chirag Shah on 10/16/2014
Bought a home in 2014.

I am not a person usually write comments unless either the person is so bad or so good that I have to let people know. Shah is one of the best real estate agent that I ever have. I was looking for a house for investment. Before I found him, I had another agent who made me lost golden opportunity for one of the houses and her attitude is "I will do better next time." But there are not many next time opportunities. I did not write any review for her due to her old age, but I learned my lesson that definitely you need to find someone has good review and you can get along with him or her. luckily, I found Shah through Zillow and the house I like. We found out that this house already had multiple offers and seller accepted the highest offer. under this condition, Shah made the seller accepted my offer and recommended me inspector who did inspection next day and attorney who got me the contract within one week. My house is going to close on 10/22/2014 and he is working on my rental now. Anything that you possible need, he always willing to help. I am highly recommend him if you want someone know the real estate business and efficient, he is your best choice.

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Written about Gene Fish on 06/08/2012
Found a tenant for a Single Family home in Oxford Circle, Philadelphia, PA.

I am a picky person and do not usually write review, but Gene is so good that I have to say something here.

I bought the townhouse for investment and hired my neighbor who could not find any decent tenant for me for more than 2 months. I found Gene who got me the good tenant within 2 weeks and signed the contract and received the payment within one month. also, he requested me to call him if there is any future problem with the payment. felt safe and trusty to hire someone willing to take care of the problem even he did his job already.

Update my review. I am highly recommend Gene Fish. He helped me rent my house out after the first guy tried two months without result. Not only that the tenant pays the rent on time almost one year so far. And if I need him to help, he will be always there for me. Basically, if you hire him, you do not have to worry about the rest. You can totally trust him.

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