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Dave Chally wrote:

How to change the price sold?

I will turn in your request to Zillow but I really have no control of their numbers. Thanks for the information though.
February 24
two of my listings have the wrong zip code. How can I correct this? Please call 630-742-9796
call me at 630-554-0002, 630-742-9796 or email
December 15 2010
My listing has incorrect detail, I have edited it, but it still shows incorrectly on the site.
please respond to my question above to  I talked with a Jon from zillow last about this, he said it would probably be fixed by 48 hrs., with an upload or feed, but it still is incorrect. The listing is 328 Judith, Oswego, IL and the info I need to correct is the fireplace field, there is NO fireplace, I have corrected it but it still shows fireplace "yes" in the property details.  Help
June 26 2010

Who is answering questions for this home?

I know the house but I am unsure what your question is ?
March 05 2010

Incorrect results when searching for my home.

Jeannie, I am not sure were the information comes from but if you give me your address I will try to get them to fix it. I am unsure if I will be successful but I'll give it a shot. Dave ChallyCharles Rutenberg Realty[content removed by moderator]
February 24 2010

how much is my house worth

Hi Candy:If you want a market analysis done on your home I would be happy to come out and take a look and render an opinion. If you only want an estimate from Zillow then you can go to and type in your address with town and state an you will get the zestimate from Zillow. If you want me to do a CMA, you can call me at 630-554-0002. Thanks for your inquiry.
February 23 2010