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Does Fannie Mae allow home sale contingencies?

Anyone have experience on whether Fannie Mae would accept an offer where the Buyer has a home sale contingency?I'm assuming not, but I figured I'd ask... thanks in advance!

View Easement?


Connie, the most common easement is for a right of way -- to use a driveway or for utility companies, etc.However, there are easements that also prevent certain useage of land. One type is indeed an easement for a view (common in waterfront areas). That would prohibit Owner A from constructing any structures from limited the name-your-view of  Owner B.Owner B is the owner of the easement, the dominant tenement and Owner A is the servient tenement.

Making an offer on a short sale?


When reviewing the short sale, the lender (BOA in this case), will obtain either an appraisal or a "Broker Price Opinion" (BPO), either of which will take into account the amount of repairs needed to the property while evaluating the fair market value.Regardless of the market history, if the purchase price in the short sale is very substantially lower than the valuation in the appraisal/BPO, Bank of America is unlikely to accept the short sale.So my advise is to work with a buyer agent that takes the market history, real estate market and condition into account and come up with a good pricing strategy.  Good luck!

How can I find the value of house?


I would ask a real estate agent that specializes in buyer agent.  You should definitely work with a buyer agent.  Interview a few and choose the one that is the best fit for your wants & needs. Good luck!

Is there a way to enter an address of a home that you like that is not for sale to determine interes


I think it would be a good idea to contact a local real estate agent that focuses on buyer agency.  I think that would provide several purposes:(a)  The owner of the property might not be as off-put (or nervous) if they are contacted by a real estate professional than a "random" stranger(b)  If they're contacted by a buyer's agent that is calling/dropping by on behalf of a buyer, they won't have a negative reaction that the agent's real motive is to get a listing(c)  If you are interested in the property, your buyer agent can put the transaction together.Good luck!