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Cut Costs, Save Energy this Winter

Here is an article from RISMedia with suggestions on how to keep your energy use & bills lower this winter:

Top Tips to Winter-Proof Your Home

A recent RISMedia article gives several tips to winter-proof your home. Here is the URL:

Mall Owner General Growth Exits Bankruptcy

Mall owner General Growth Properties emerged Tuesday from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, ending the largest real estate bankruptcy case in U.S. history.The restructuring included splitting General Growth in half, creating General Growth Properties, which continues to own and operate malls, and The Howard Hughes Corp., which took over the company's planned communities and other non-mall opportunities.On Wednesday, the company will launch a public offering of 135 million shares worth about $2.35 billion based on the company's closing price on Tuesday of $17.39. "Today marks the successful end of one chapter in (General Growth's) history and the beginning of another," CEO Adam Metz said in a statement.Source: National Association of Realtors®

Energy-Saving Tips for Fall

Here is a RISMedia article with several Q&A on how to save energy in autumn house work.  The article asks and answers the following questions:1.  What is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of my leaves?2.  What's the best way to save electricity on lighting despite fewer hours of daylight?3.  I like saving money by cooking cheaper cuts of meat in a slow-cooked stew. Are slow cookers 4.  I love using a fireplace but have heard that you actually lose more heat than you gain. How can I make my fireplace more efficient?5.: What's the best way to stay warm in my house while saving money?

E-signing Gains Acceptance in Real Estate

According to RISMedia, A growing number of real estate professionals are using and promoting electronic signatures in transactions to better serve clients.Electronic signatures enable consumers in a transaction to sign documents anywhere anytime without having to meet in person. They can sign off on a contract while out of town. Electronic signatures are secure, simple, and convenient.Electronic signatures are at the center of a paperless real estate transaction. With document management software, REALTORS® can now manage files, send out reminders, track signatures, and follow progress of the transaction without ever using pen or paper."We welcome any technology that's secure and makes our clients' experience faster and easier, including electronic signatures," said Karl Lee, president of the Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS®. "Living in Silicon Valley and serving some of the most tech-savvy clients in the country, our REALTORS® have always been on the cutting edge of technology and customer service."Electronic signatures have gradually gained acceptance and momentum since the E-Sign Act was passed 10 years ago, granting them the same legal status as ink on paper. FHA's announcement to accept electronic signatures in April gave another push for e-signing to become a standard practice. In another sign of the increasing acceptance of electronic signatures, the National Association of REALTORS® recently partnered with DocuSign, a leading company in the industry, to offer its members discounted e-signing services as a membership benefit.

Why Reverse Mortgages Are Popular

Recent legislation and changes in the marketplace are increasing the use of reverse mortgages. Here are three factors that make reverse mortgages an improved retirement-planning tool.1. Fees are lower. The government, with support from lenders, has revised how reverse mortgages are structured.2. Loans are more flexible. New loans let borrowers take money as they need it instead of all at once.3. Selling isn't always feasible. Reverse mortgages generally don't pay as much as selling a house outright, but these days selling a house can be very difficult.Source: National Association of Realtors®

You're Refinancing Again?

The National Association of Realtors® reports that with 30-year fixed loans averaging below 4.25% for the past three weeks, even home owners who refinanced or purchased less than a year ago are considering another refinance.The trend could take on greater urgency in the wake of an MBA forecast calling for long-term mortgage rates to rise in the coming year.Borrowers who plan to remain in their home for many years to come have an opportunity to lower their monthly mortgage payments, and they also have ample time to recoup the costs of a refi.