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Closing cost incentive


No matter what, I would make sure that you have an experienced real estate attorney putting this complicated transaction together for you. I always recommend that you go with an attorney that is not representing the lender in the same transaction.Good luck!

Avoiding Seller Agents


In order to successfully search for a home with a professional that is as close to conflict-free as possible, you should work with an "exclusive buyer agent", who is a real estate agent who does not list properties at all, that works at a company that does not take listings -- AVOID DESIGNATED AGENCY.You can find a local exclusive buyer agent (EBA) at the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents.

Are all websites the same?


Your best option is to contact a buyer agent -- preferably an exclusive buyer agent -- that works in your area and get home listings through that agent.Good luck with your home search!

Buyers Show Growing Interest in Tiny Houses

According to a recent National Association of Realtors® article,  buyers are showing an increased interest in "tiny" homes -- homes built with less than 500 square feet.I am a buyer's agent and I can't imagine that there's a demand for this.  Would you buy a house with less than 500 square feet?

What is a short sale?


I did a video on short sales:

Deal gone BAD


It's always a good idea for customers and professionals -- real estate agents, mortgage professionals (originators, processors and underwriters), settlement agents, etc. -- to have a checklist to do their very best to make sure all the "i's" are dotted and "t's" crossed in a real estate transaction.  It can truly be a roller coaster....

Is a Living Roof Worth the Cost?

Below is an article from RISMedia that positions that a living roof -- though expensive -- is worth the cost: do you all think?

Mortgage rates increase to 4.62%

RISMedia reports that 30-year fixed-rate mortgages have increased pretty significantly -- to 4.62%How do you think that will effect the struggling real estate market in your area?

Survey: Well-Kept Yards Most Important Factor in Determining Neighborhood Safety

RISMedia reports that a new survey conducted by finds that 75% of Americans believe the most important factor in determining a neighborhood's safety is the up-keep of surrounding homes, especially the conditions of the front lawns, which trumps even Googling neighborhood statistics to get a feel for a community.The latest survey finds that 74% of respondents indicated they would select a neighborhood based on "word-of-mouth" or its local reputation over any other reason, while 67% of the respondents say they pay attention to local crime reports and statistics as reported in the local media. Less compelling, according to the survey, are "a gated community with security patrols" and "proximity to a police or fire station" when determining the safety of a neighborhood."It's interesting to see how home buyers determine neighborhood safety based on the neighborhood's appearance and not as much based on police statistics or crime reports," says Chairman and Founder Sharon Asher. "Our findings suggest that some home sellers who are struggling to generate interest may want to go the extra mile and help their neighbors with landscaping needs in order to create buyer interest."The survey was conducted in mid-October, 2010, in a continuing effort to provide information on lifestyle factors that drive moving and relocation decisions in the U.S.