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the property


The units are in good condition, they could use some updating (kitchens are 80's vintage) but they always rent instantly. I live in one of the units.I'm not really looking to sell, but since Zillow doesn't even show the property existing in their database, setting a "Make Me Move" price is the only way to make it show up. It's more likely that I'll convert the building to condos (I think I should be getting closer to winning the conversion lottery) and then may sell off a unit or two at some point.I'd consider selling the building for the right price, but I doubt it's out there right now.

Why is my property still MIA?

I've complained a handful of times over the past few years that my home isn't listed on Zillow despite the fact that I live in a city you definitely cover (San Francisco) and that my neighbor's homes are shown. There's a little swatch of several adjacent properties that appear to have been left off your mapping somehow; the properties are visible on the map, but aren't searchable and don't have the "boundary boxes" around them like the others.The tax assessor's data is correct and I can view the parcel on my local assessor's map without difficulty, so I think the problem is with Zillow. I realize there are challenges inherent to trying to map and estimate all the houses in the country, but it's not like I live out in the middle of rural Nevada or something... this is technology central!I set a "Make me move" price just to put myself on the map, but it really doesn't solve the problem, since I get no Zestimate or other data.The address is 2222-2224 15th St. in San Francisco, 94114. I'd be happy if you could fix it.