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I updated my home details with new 1400 sq feet and the zestimate did not change? why?

I recently did a major home renovation in midtown atlanta which added 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  My zestimate did not change in value and this was 3 weeks ago.  I live at 584 orme circle in atlanta, ga 30306.  There are other homes with similar sq ft in my zip that have similar sq ft and have sold over 1+ million (double my zestimate) and near my recent appraisal that I had performed on my home.  How do I get this adjusted to reflect the $500k renovation which added 1400+ square feet and 3 new bedrooms and bathrooms to more accurately reflect the similar sized homes that have recently sold in my neighborhood?  I am about to list my home and I need this updated ASAP.  I recognize that a zestimate is not a "true market value", but this is off more than DOUBLE than similar homes that have recently sold on Zillow and also similar homes and their respective ZESTIMATES.  PLEASE HELP ASAP!  This is potentially damaging to my selling prospects as I was going to list my home on Zillow for sale by Owner within the next week!!! Help!