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Are the prices shown the actual price of the homes?


Zestimate prices are not, the list prices shown are what the sellers are asking for the property. Information on the site may be outdated however, as sometimes the list price will change.

Low Offer... How Low is Too Low?


Typically a good offer comes in a 95% of the listing price. So in this case 331k would be a good offer to the seller (In most cases). However this is not always true, I would tend to believe that you will still receive a counter offer but will not be able to close until you get to 315k-320k.

First time home seller thinking about FSBO


Something like 75% of people who list FSBO end up listing with a realtor in the end to get the house sold, another portion of them just don't end up selling their home, and another portion end up selling their home, but have liabilities occur throughout the process. Selling FSBO is excellent to save money if done right, it is just that a very small percentage of FSBO sellers end up successful.