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can i list for sale by owner?


It's a complicated market and can be a great time to sell if marketed properly and more often than not money is left on the table when representing yourself. I have no problem assisting you if you me to. Please let me know

Where to sing the closing documents?

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It's all about convince for the buyer usually. You can close at the registry which is easier for the lawyer because he can record it there, but often time a closing is done a lawyers office or your agents office. In either case the lawyer then drives the docs over to the registry to record it.

Can I change a real estate agent after the offer is being accepted?


Contact you agents broker and explain to them the situation and ask the broker to connect you with another agent in the firm. As far as the Lawyer goes if they were found guilty in a court of law and it was a criminal offense they would be most likely dis bard and wound not be able to practice law anymore. If they were sued civilly that would be different because lawyers are being sued and are suing all the time. The biggest issue is your agent demanding you to use these services which he should not do because of the liability involved.

Do a lot of landlords not allow reptiles in their apartments?


Technically when they state no pets they mean no pets and can evict a person for having one when its stated the pets are not allowed prior to moving in. If you have a reptile and really like the place you are moving in to and want to stay for an extended period of time then you should work it out prior to moving in or you cold face eviction for having them. It could give he landlord the excuse he needs to get you out if he does not have any other excuses to use.