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Refi when I am unemployed?


Thank You for your response. I evenly did get SSD and was able the get supplemental income which has given more than enough income to qualify to refi.Thank You again.

Refi when I am unemployed?

I am in the process of getting SSDI. My mortgage resetting in Feb 2010 and I am currently unemployed. Do I need a co-signer for my loan even though I have only the balance on the house as my total debt? 

Why are you asking for a higher price than zillow estimate? What makes your home worth more?

Because this home has many upgrades than it not included in the zillow estmate. Such as: a glass enclosed and carpeted sunroom with a extended patio for barbecue area, track and recessed lighting, upgraded faucets and light in bathrooms, waynes coating in the dining room and lighting under kichen cabinets.All these addition in the value of the home. If you have ant other questions please ask.