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I'm part of the Zillow Content Team, which means all the text you see on the site that is not created by the community is done by the content team. It includes everything from the "GO" button on the home page to the Famous Homes pages and the FAQs.

I'm also part of the Zillow Blog team, which is composed of about 6 core members who love to blog, enjoy tinkering with new technology and then melding it all with anything real estate-related.

My professional background:I was a journalist for many years (Albany Times Union, Seattle Post-Intelligencer) until I made the leap to the dotcom world (Microsoft's "Seattle Sidewalk, (which is now Citysearch)" then onto Amazon Toys&Games department, followed by Expedia's Hotels group, and now Zillow. In between Expedia and Zillow, I spent a couple of years as a project manager on the communications team at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield in Baltimore.

My real estate "experiences": I have owned 7 houses in my "young" lifetime and I owe the ease of the process to two wonderful real estate agents -- Seattle's Randi Nelson at Windermere (she helped us buy two homes and sell one) and Baltimore's Lynn Summerlin Hoeckel. I highly recommend their services and expertise in each of their neighborhoods.

Contact me for any reason big or small and I'm sure to reply. Thanks for visiting my profile!

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BTW: If you're a real estate professional looking to learn more about how to promote yourself on Zillow, call our friendly sales staff at 866-324-4005.
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