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I have 2 email's listed because my listings were not going to my zillow site
150 Newton, Burlingame at 2995,000 is my listing2414 Hale, Burlingame at 1945,000 is my listing555 Craig, Hillsborough is my listing130 Royal Oak Court at 3995,000 is my listing  Menlo Park110 Royal Oak Court at 3995,000 is my listing   Menlo Park
November 11 2009

What elementary? North or South Hillsborough

BoysebYes it is South school however you can request entrance into another school if there is room, also if your child currently is at West or North, most of the time they will let you stay at the school where your child started, if that is what you want.  Another wonderful thing about Hillsborough, and there are so many, call me for further information, the students all go to the same middle school, Crocker, which is fabulous, I have not had the privilege of personally experiencing the school in that my son is in 4th grade at North, however many of my friends are so amazed by the education and how the school is run, they have told me, "it is like a university".Good Luck to you.Denise Laugesen#1 Top Producing AgentCashin CompanyDirect Line:  650-403-6225Web:   www.deniselaugesenteam.comEmail:  deniselaugesen@comcast.netDRE:   01011089
October 09 2009

How do I know what size dinning room to seek if I want 10 to 12 to sit comfortably. Is 13' x13' OK?

Dear antiques on the hunt,If your favorite home has a 13 x 13 dining room, then maybe you need to ask yourself, how often do I seat 12 people in my dining room, if it is only during the holidays you can probably make do, set up an additional table in your living room, maybe separate the children from the adults, believe me, when I was a kid, I loved having my own table with my cousins.Let's say you have 10 children plus you and your wife, you won't be happy in that space, anyway you can open up a wall so that the living and dining room are l large open space, then you won't feel cramped.I would think the minimum area reguired for 12 people, sitting comfortable at a dining room table would be 14 x 16, do u have a buffet and hutch, if so, you may need a larger room.good luck to you and I hope you find your dream home.Cheersdenise laugesesn#1 Producing AgentCashin Company[content removed by moderator for being self promotional]
October 01 2009