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My Agent is not particularly ethical.... read on.


Its disheartening to hear these kinds of stories as it reflects poorly on those of us that have years of ethical contribution and have provided quality service to out clients.I understand your feeling of obligation as you work for this company, however, sounds to me like the only one with morale's in this scenario, is you.  This is a big investment for you and you should not feel uneasy making it.  I urge you to cut ties and move on.  Clearly, this agent is not looking out for your best interests- you have no obligation to put money in his/her pocket at your expense.Cut ties now diplomatically and find someone that is willing and eager to work for YOU!Best of luck,Dominique NicoleBroker AssociateMetro Brokers Realty Oasis(303) 669-8077

Circle homes sold


This varies based on what you program you are using.  What program are you using for your home search?