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  • Written about Natalie Wilson on 11/02/2011
  • Showed home in 2011 in Riverside, CA.
    I'm a first time home buyer. And I still havnt found a home.

    If this is unusual or not, I don't know, but I didnt feel very satisfied or happy with the results. After all, I am a ready and able buyer, I am very open minded, not overly picky, but yet, still I don't have a home. So this would qualify as unstatisfied right?

    My experience has been as follow...

    This agent seemed to be prompt with responses and knowledgeable at first, but as time progressed I found I was looking at houses that were already in escrow or already had multiple offers on, I felt I was doing all the hunting, and all my agent was doing was opening the door and didnt seem to offer advice or help when looking at homes really. I also lost out on a house that was a REO because my agent didnt 'word' it a certain way for the offer to be accepted. I found out a few weeks later after looking at it, because I called the listing agent myself, but it was the day after an offer was already accepted! I really wanted that house too. After I confronted my agent, after that, it quickly went sour and I just thought my agent was lieing to me and blowing me off after that. I should of known better and just moved on. But I guess I had to wait for the blow off. Within a couple of days it was the end anyways. Also, in the end, the last thing she emailed me was that "she couldnt fulfill all my requests". As if being available during weekends and showing actual available houses that I can actually buy are unusual requests. (Actually we only looked one Saturday, the other times I left work early or after work)

    I feel as though I wasted the last month. I am confident if you have a common or easy straight sale, that wouldnt be an issue. However, if it something that requires above average skill or negotiations there might be a problem. Also, I got the feeling if you dont find something within a month, you'll be dropped.

    Unfortuantely that has been my experience.

    *** response*** I am not impossible to please, I would of been happy with about 10 of the homes I was shown, but they were already taken, because regardless of what she says, I couldnt buy any because it was either cash only, or had multiple offers or a short sale or whatever (she deterred me of short sales). So why did we look at them if they were't available? Because she DIDN'T call to find out in advance.

    To the agent: Did you call on the properties in advance? No you didnt.

    Why couldnt I of put in offers on the 2 or 3 houses I saw last weekend, Sat? (6 days ago)Per you on Wednesday, because offers were already accepted or they had multiples. Why didnt I put offers on them right on the spot after we saw them? Because you left quickly to go to a party, and I didnt hear from you about the homes till Wednesday and you got made at me for trying to reach you because I didnt understand you have been in meetings. So... I lost out again.

    Why did I loose that REO? Because you didnt advised me it was cash only, however the listing agent stated that it was because you didnt word the offer to appeal to the seller.

    A flub is a flub, but the worst thing is not receiving an appology and then having 'it' thrown back on me as if it was MY fault and calling me picky, or whatever other label you want to use at the moment.

    For a picky person, I sure have picked a WHOLE LOT of houses that I was shown! But couldnt have any! And not because I couldnt afford them.

    Good thing its a numbers game, and a large population in California. I'm sure that is what agents do when they flub. Nexxxxxxt. But, I'm the one with the money. So...
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    Response from Natalie on 11/04/2011
    First of all, I would like to say, I am a professional and I thrive to always portray myself as such. I work very hard for my clients and are willing to go the extra mile for them,my reviews reflect that. I dispute most of what has been said by the reviewer. I NEVER show homes that are not available, that would be a waste of all of our time and I always write up offers that are exactly as my buyers request and what I recommend. This is a quick market, if you dont place an offer quickly, you may miss out! It is unfortunate that some people are impossible to please.


    - Highly likely to recommend
  • Written about Kamerin Vince on 01/29/2012
  • Bought a home in 2011.
    Kamerin helped me buy my first house. I had been looking for a couple of months and had some not so happy endings with a couple of other realtors.

    Kamerin really walked me though the whole process, was very explanitory, understanding and patient. He was so attentive, I felt like I was his only client! He was quick with his follow up calls, and seemed to always be available. In escrow, though I was a strong buyer, we had a lot of issues, and Kamerin definitely helped it though.

    I would also like to mention, sometimes, after your purchase is done, or a service is completed, once 'they' get their money, you can hardly get them to talk to you if you have a question, or if any other problems arise. After my home purchase, there were some plumbing issues the day I moved in, and Kamerin was extremely helpful in the resolution. He went out of his way to help me.

    I would definitely recommend him.

    Thank you Kamerin!
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