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How long should one wait for a contractor to quote on a 600 square foot addition?


 I am a Home Improvement Contractor in Philadelphia area. We do 2-3 house additions per year. I usually get back with my customers within days with questions or feedback. 3 weeks is a lot of time to prepare the proposal .it takes me about 10-15 hours to calculate an accurate price for a 600 SF this including faxing suppliers for cost of materials specified by the architect If you have any questions about House addition please feel free to PM .Dan 

Master Bath Tile


I am a designer and a Home Improvement Contractor . Please take a look of this picture to see if this answer your questions Tub to shower remodeling project .Also white marble  on counter-top will looks nice but what about 6 months later ? Even if you seal very well  any stain will show in time an a white color 

What would be the return for adding a second floor.


 it will cost about 100,000 +/- 10%  in Philadelphia area . I own a remodeling company and we just finished a similar project in Conshohocken PA. You can find more information about pricing regarding  Home Improvement Pricing by visiting [contact info removed by moderator due to self-promotion]