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My View count was over 1,000 today and now it is zero. What happened?

I looked and noted my view count at over 1,000 today and now is is at zero. Also, my house is listed twice and has never been fixed. I own multiple properties and can never get Zillow to fix the problems with the Zillow system. Even when I provide the solutions. Here is the end of the URL for the listing in error.816-N-33rd-St-Richmond-VA-23223/2143109560_zpid/

My house is listed twice. How do I get one deleted?

This is one to retain, 816-N-33rd-St-Richmond-VA-23223/12521715_zpid/ and this following one is wrong, ths house is not for sale, the agent said she is unable to delete it so I am now left out in the cold needing some help. 816-N-33rd-St-Richmond-VA-23223/2143109560_zpid/thanks..pete.

Small income... asset rich and looking for a HELCO


Your income is what they care about. It demonstrates your ability to repay. Your net worth is of no concern to them until such time that you can demonstrate income credibility then they will look at other ways to deny your request.Good luck

Home Showing at wrong location


Hello,After almost a year I am back to ask yet again for a simple matter to be corrected by Zillow. The Aerial and Hybrid graphic when clicked on the house which is mine displays in the pop up window as being 9910 Brightlea Drive, 22181. When my next door neighbor's house is clicked on the pop up shows as 9908 Brightlea Drive, 22181 and when SEE HOME INFO link is clicked on it shows my house picture and information correctly. The SAME problem as described a year ago still exists. Zillow identifies the Aerial picture incorrectly, which has nothing to do with anything I can or would have keyed in. Just fix your problem. If you intend to respond with anything other than OK we will fix the problem, DON’T. I don’t care to read any lip service.Sincerely, 

Home Showing at wrong location

My home 9908 Brightlea Drive is showing up as 9910 Brightlea Drive, 22181. How do I get this changed so I can update my information and know that it is being applied to the correct property?thanks..pete.