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Refi into a VA loan


I'm in NY and would be more than happy to take a look at your loan scenario. Feel free to contact me through my profile.Ed

Good Faith Deposit for a Loan?


I would only pay the $300 if they provide you with a locked GFE with the terms you mentioned above.Its a fantastic deal , if its legit

5% down on vacation home?


95% is going to be tough to obtain for a second home. 90% LTV is doable though.

Recommended Lenders for Coop financing in Brooklyn?


I can and have closed many coop's recently! It's important that you work with a lender that knows what they are doing because coop transactions differ from other property types.Please contact me through my profile if you would like to discuss your loan scenario, I'd love toe help if given the opportunity.ThanksEd

FHA Streamline without an appraisal

Best Answer

I have closed many FHA streamlines without appraisals or income documentation and can lend in all 50 states!Please contact me through my profile if you would like a free quote or if you have any questions.