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Elite Moving Labor provides movers without the truck to help with your move. Why would you need movers without the truck? Instead of using an expensive full service moving company you may have opted to choose a self service method, think PODs, rental trucks, etc. These moving methods are much cheaper than traditional relocation but they have one major flaw, they do not include the actual movers. That's where we come in...

At Elite Moving Labor we fill your need for professional and insured movers when you already have a rental truck, POD or trailer. We provide services like loading, unloading and packing to ensure that your items are loaded safely and correctly to minimize damage and time spent moving. If you're moving into town and do not know anyone in the area we can also unload your household items. Our movers are insured, reliable, clean cut and professional. We also provide furniture assembly and dis-assembly to help you quickly move in or move out of your home.
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03/12/2013 - user0999911
Moving service. Birmingham, AL

Elite Moving Labor - Made the mistake of going with this company to load my ABF trailer on 3/1/2013. Movers were scheduled for 3-4pm. Showed up after 6pm. These were 3 kids that did not know how to pack a trailer. Did not get everything on the trailer due to their poor organization. When the trailer arrived at the destination, many items were damaged and broken. Many of the furniture pads that I had supplied for the movers were not used and simply sitting on the end of the trailer. Heavy boxes stacked on smaller boxes, metal items put ontop of wood furniture without pads and some things just randomly tossed about the trailer. The movers that unpacked our ABF trailer had a few words to say about the way Elite Moving Labor packed the trailer.

The next day I realized they had over charged us for 5 hours of labor although they worked only 3. I called their customer service and spoke with their manager (Jessica). After reviewing the paperwork, she called me back and rather rudely stated that I had signed the paperwork and should have read it thoroughly first before signing. She then hung up on me as I was explaining the times that they worked to her. I was being very polite about the situation also. I know I should have read it, but it was late at night and was tired from packing all day--my fault for not catching their error I guess. Still you would not expect this type of customer service from someone who is supposed to be a manager.

Do not use this "company" for your move. You will regret it if you do.
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