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    11/19/2014 - Yellerjack
    Helped me rent a Single Family home in Yukon, OK.

    Elizabeth was always prompt for appointments, friendly and knowledgeable. She responded promptly to all my calls and texts. She helped us find the right house. I recommend her highly.

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    10/24/2014 - user2370088
    Showed home in 2014 in Oklahoma City, OK 73128.

    She was early with a great attitude and was very sweet during the showing process. She worked with us to start a modified application so we could get our application in first since we are relocating and could not fill out a formal application until we got home. She called the next day to tell us we were approved and started the process! Great experience!

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    06/07/2014 - jessie motsinger
    Showed home in 2014 in Edmond, OK.

    We toured a home, and she was 35 minutes late for the tour without calling to tell us she would be late. We explained when we toured the home that we had poor credit but would be willing to pay a double deposit if necessary. A week after filling out an application and two phone calls with messages, she never called us back. It's been about 6 weeks and we never heard a word that we (I assume) were denied. I felt like we were very honest and upfront about our situation. She took our application and processed it. The least she could do was call me back to let me know we were denied. I was very disappointed by the lack of professionalism.

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