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Alan Taylor wrote:

would like to know what homes sold for in the last ten years,16510 greenlawn area

There were 4 sales in the MLS and they ranged from 50,000-84,000.
March 14 2012

when I look up my house I get a photo of a smaller, cheaper house a block away. How can I fix this?

Have you tried to "claim" your house so that you can edit it?
May 09 2011

My house has 2 buildings listed, but there is only one. How do I get rid of the second one?

Here is the link to allow editing your property.
August 05 2009

Why is zestimate totally out of whack in our neighborhood? Lower assessment homes have higher value

If you haven't already, make sure you know what goes into calculating a zestimate. It is only a starting point., remember that assessment values were determined almost 10 years ago and even then, there were a lot of mistakes.
July 26 2009