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01/25/2015 - jenlreese
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $375K in Fauntleroy, Seattle, WA.
Primary point of contact: Tara Farquhar-Hagen

We worked with Tara and Eva this past summer to list and sell our house in just five days. The success of the sale was really all about the preparation, planning, and research done by our team. Prior to listing the house Tara visited and allowed us to see the house through the eyes of a buyer. She helped us to see what needed to be purged and how our home should be staged to sell. Eva and Tara worked with us via email to find comps in our neighborhood. This was helpful in letting us know what we would be able to expect for our house and to insure the house was priced correctly. They were open to my husband and I finding additional comparable sells in the area to get a better range of prices. Pricing of our house was key to it selling, and selling fast.

Eva and Tara’s advice to have our home “vacant and staged” was great. We were out of our house for 4 days which allowed prospective buyer to visit the house as much and as often as they wanted to feel comfortable making an offer. We have small children and having to keep the house “view ready” at a moments notice was not easy. Thankfully the majority of the viewers had at least initially viewed the home while we were away. The remaining viewings were from serious buyers and we didn’t mind packing up and leaving one bit.

In the end we had multiple offers on our home. Eva and Tara worked hard to help and bring some of these offers to the table explained what each of the offers were and gave their recommendation for accepting an offer. Since it was the first time selling a home for us, the multiple offers were a bit intimidating. After talking through the offers with Eva she was able to contact the prospective buyers agent and helped to negotiate an offer that better suited our needs, knowing that there were several people interested.

We were sad to leave our home in West Seattle, but happy to have the process move quickly and efficiently. Tara and Eva are quite the team!

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07/25/2014 - BetsyDunklin
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $475K in Madison Valley, Seattle, WA.
Primary point of contact: Tara Farquhar-Hagen

My parents and I bought a house in Seattle with Eva and her colleague, Tara Farquhar-Hagen in 2014. We could not have asked for a better team than Eva and Tara. They helped us navigate an extremely tough market with humor and cunning, ultimately helping us buy an amazing house in a far better location than we’d set our sights on.

We looked in Central and South Seattle, and they knew these neighborhoods very well. Both were great at listening to our goals for a home and making insightful recommendations. They were open to our ideas and desires, but also good at keeping us down-to-earth, whether it meant talking us out of homes that looked cute but had structural problems we couldn’t see or keeping us from getting caught up in bidding wars that would result in us paying far more than a house was worth. They always made time to go on viewings, and even would go on our behalf if we were unavailable. We especially appreciated that if they spotted something wrong with a house right away – for instance, poor foundation – they would cut things off rather than wasting our time with visiting it.

We ultimately ended up buying a mid-century fixer-upper in Madison Valley. It was an estate sale, and we never would have found it – nor seen its potential – without Tara and Eva acting fast, checking it out and sending us video while we were at work, and talking us through its potential. They were great at getting inspectors out that day and even talking with the neighbors to get more information on the sewer line.

During the offer process, they had excellent strategies for working with the sellers’ agent and made sure that our offer was the most attractive, even though there were other offers that were the same amount. They were highly responsive and extremely knowledgeable about the market and the buying process. They stuck with us through a long closing process and were wonderful about working with the escrow and title companies and keeping us in-the-loop.

Now that we’ve closed, Tara and Eva are still in touch to provide recommendations on contractors and even arranged for a locksmith to come change the keys before handing them off to us.

We feel so fortunate to have worked with Eva and Tara and would highly recommend them!

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06/22/2014 - user444992
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $550K in Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA.

Eva and her business partner, Tara, are amazing realtors. We are a middle age couple who were buying a house for the first time, and they made the whole process easy. I loved they way they really listened and found out what was important to us and what we were hoping to find in a new home. They worked very well as part of a team, which also included the lender, the closer and the seller's agent. They had great contacts with other service providers, such as the inspectors, etc. In this fast moving market, they understood precisely how to position our offer and negotiate with the seller; we closed on the first house we decided to make an offer on, even though we were not the highest bidder. They kept us calm and even made the whole process fun and enjoyable. I can't recommend them highly enough.

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05/19/2014 - user411836
Sold a Townhouse home in 2014 for approximately $350K in North College Park, Seattle, WA.

I have worked with Eva and Tara for two home purchases and one sale. She provided excellent guidance through the long and frustrating process of finding the right home in a low inventory market. She then helped us come up with the best strategy for working through the process of renting our first home for a period of time until the ideal time to put on the market to sell. In all instances, Eva was responsive, friendly, and made the process as fun and unstressfull as it could possibly be.

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04/15/2014 - Amy and Weston
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $675K in Sunset Hill, Seattle, WA.

The Brandenburg Team, Eva & Tara, were our buying agents for the home that my fiancee and I just bought. It was our very first home and we had been looking on and off mostly on RedFin for two years. We went to at least 40 open houses over that time span but were demoralized by the throngs of people at the open houses, the escalating prices and multiple offer for most homes in our area. We finally decided to use an agent, and based on a strong referral from my coworker, Eva & Tara became our agents.

The entire home buying process changed after we started working with Eva & Tara. Tara immediately assessed our needs and demystified a lot of the processes that we had heard about but didn't really understand (multiple offers, waiving this that and the other, what to look out for in older craftsman homes etc.). After just a few meetings and home viewings with Tara, we felt so much more knowledgeable about the whole process and so much more confident and decisive walking into open houses with tons of other buyers swarming around.

Another thing I loved about viewing houses with Tara was her honesty. You felt like you were with your best friend who happened to be insanely knowledgeable about houses. She'd call out all the flaws in a house and help you assess whether they were big deals or easy fixes. There's at least one house we would have put an offer down for had we not had her knowledgeable eye. I remember waking up the next morning feeling so relieved we were working with her (and that we didn't go for the house).

Another great thing that Tara did is help my fiancee to open up his search outside a very specific neighborhood he was interested in. I had been trying for 2 years to convince him that there were some other great neighborhoods very close by to look at. Thank you so much Tara for helping him branch out. Needless to say we ended up in one of those "other" nearby neighborhoods he originally refused to consider... and one of his favorite things about our new house? The neighborhood!!

The offer process was of course a bit nerve-wracking but we were confident that Eva & Tara had done everything they possibly could to set us up for success. They found out as much as possible before the offer explained their offer strategies depending upon how many offers were on the table and explained every detail to us throughout the process. We literally couldn't be more informed or more trusting. If we didn't get the offer, I'm convinced no one without a cash offer or overpaying would have been able to get it.

Post offer acceptance up through the closing were easy and smooth. Tara told us exactly what to do and when and we sat tight and waited for the closing.

We're now post closing and have our new wonderful home and my fiancee and I couldn't be happier. We ended up with the perfect house for us and a price that was in our initial price range and we feel confident that there's no way we could have done it without Eva & Tara.

I am happy to recommend as highly as possible The Brandenburg Team, Eva & Tara.

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02/01/2014 - nerdner
Sold a home in 2013 in Fremont, Seattle, WA 98107.

We had a very positive experience working with Eva, who helped us sell our townhome. By the way she handled the entire process it was obvious she is an experienced agent. Eva was very thoughtful in preparing us for potential buyers, walking through the house and discussing the pros and cons of staging, using our own furniture versus a professional staging company, yard maintenance and arrangement, and laying out the cost benefit ratio of these options. Where Eva made the most difference was in the details, particularly with regard to the listing date, listing price, when to look at offers, deciding to look at offers all at once versus as they come in, specifics of each buyer’s offer (%down, escalation clause, lender, etc.), and negotiating for the best possible offer all while taking in to account our concerns and preferences.

What stands out more than anything is Eva herself. We truly feel that she had our best interests in mind. She never pressured us into any decisions and we never felt like “just another client.”

As for the numbers…we ended up with 12 offers and sold it for more than we had hoped.

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01/01/2014 - ryhiggins
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $350K in North College Park, Seattle, WA.

I was introduced to Eva through friends who have worked with her.

She came highly recommended, and I in turn have highly recommended her to other friends.

I have worked with her as both a sellers agent and a buyers agent. As a sellers agent, she provided market insight and home improvement suggestions that facilitated multiple offers in a down market. As a buyers agent, she helped negotiate a fair price that was lower than asking price.

The difference between Eva and other agents is astounding. Her market knowledge, principles, and professionalism far exceeded my expectations.

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07/25/2013 - user7830950
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $700K in Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA.

Eva was clear and knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. She responds quickly and clearly, and was wonderfully proactive. We got our house for $15k under the asking price!

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04/20/2013 - user8661181
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 in View Ridge, Seattle, WA.

Eva has helped us buy and sell several homes in Seattle and each time she’s exceeded our expectations on customer service and the end result. She is very knowledgeable of the dynamics of the Seattle market and her calm, positive demeanor helps make a potentially stressful transaction enjoyable.

What also impresses me about Eva is her availability outside the sales cycle, really serving as our real estate consultant. Whether we were thinking about building a custom home and needed referrals or needed a market valuation related to a legal issue we were facing she was always happy to help.

I highly recommend Eva for anyone buying or selling a home in Seattle.

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03/13/2013 - user4443691
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $425K in Wedgwood, Seattle, WA.

We began working with Eva in the spring of 2012. Eva came highly recommended from two different sets of friends who had also bought homes with her as their agent. We were incredibly pleased with our experience and very grateful for their recommendation. First and foremost, Eva is an incredible negotiator. She was extremely helpful not only when it came time to put together an offer for the house, but also when it came to negotiating over inspection. I honestly don't know how she did it in the current market craziness, but she managed to get the sellers to contribute to closing costs and to pay for several key repairs. The terms she negotiated ultimately allowed us to be able to close the deal. Second, Eva was fabulous in helping us identify what was most and least important to us (in terms of home features) and where our boundaries were on how much (and what kind of) work we were willing to do on the house. That was particularly important because part of our strategy was to find a home in our desired neighborhood that was a bit of a diamond in the rough, but not a fixer-upper. Her advice and perspective were essential -- she was always honest, straightforward, and direct, and she really listened to our needs. We have been in our home for 6 months now. We absolutely love it -- we didn't bite off more than we could chew either financially or repair-wise -- and we are extremely grateful to Eva. We recommend her highly!

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