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My name is Ronald Evans, I am an individual that lives at 350 Day Rd. in ventura Ca.there has been 5 attempts to take my life,and an equal number of times tried to set me up for crimes I was not guilty of to get me out of the way so that Organized Crime Members like Hells Angeles, Mexican Mofia, Muslim Movement, Corupt Sheriffs & Police officers, Dishonest White Collar Workers, and Local Scandlist Drug Addicts, That are now all one in the same, That I refer to as: The Muslim Movement. They have representives locally and through out the united states all the way up to and including Muslim President Obama. It is this group that is mainly responsible for 80-90 percent of the mortgage fraud that is damaging individuals, bissness, and the economy all over the us. and is a big up coming problem in Ventura, Ca. due to the numbers of dishonest people in offices and places through out the city, with it being excecptionally damaging due to coruption in the law enforcement departments and the high number of scandlist drug addicts of which many work hand in hand with corupt law enforcement personal, making cops and robbers one in the same. A Word of caution to the home owners in Ventura, beware of one of this criminals to be your nieghbor unexspectingly. for they have a new M.O. you can.t tell the difference between them and any other white collar worker.
These criminals have plans of not only mortgage fraud on my fathers, mothers and grandparents property.But all assets and not by conventional methods of indentity theft, but by assuming identitys in person, kill a person and then fill there shoes.And dont think for a second they won't either, these people are very capable of killing in cold blood with no problem what so ever and not think twice or bat an eye lash. I have taking a stand agian'st mortgage crimes in an attempt to stop them from doing so. I have also started a public awareness service nationwide called Mortgage Crime Buster And a reward program nationwide called Mortgage Fraud Buster. In a attempt to stop it from happening not only to my parents but everyone across the United States, it is a non-profit service to American homeowners and is being done because of the personal interest I have in it, and in the hopes of others not to lose there home,equity and assets. and because it seems to me the right thing to do. I am just getting started so everything is still on the ground floor, but I have high hopes and some good ideas..
The reason I am telling you about this here and now is because, I was just browsing through and saw my mothers and my grandparents house up for sale, and I know they are not selling, never will. But here is their houses for sale here on this site, and I am sure it is at the hands of the fraudsters that have tried to kill me. I am trying to find out who listed them I have the question asked:: how can I find out who listed a particular home on in the Q&A fourm. can anybody help? Thanks for reading and have a good day! Oh! P.S. I claimed ownership of the property at 349 Day Rd. where the kind of neighbors I talked about early, reside and I have done so merly to show them that IT IS NOT COOL WHAT THEY ARE DOING, because in their eyes its all good as long as its not them or theirs (two faced and back stabbers) I will be release my claim on that property in a few days when I contact the real owner of that house renters are living in.
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