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Checking if these are foreclosures / short sales / bank owned / pending, or just regular sale?


Good MorningHere is the status of these properties:Demarcus  Active listing, Below Market Rate, Affordable Housing, you must meet maximum income levels to qualifyClarinbridge  Short SaleMacquire  Pending, Regular SaleHibernia Short Sale, Pending Subject to Bank ApprovalAre you looking specifically in this area?  There are quite a few of these properties that are Short Sales or will be Bank Owned.  Right now inventory levels are extremely low.  I would suggest that you look at everything. Right now there are no deals on REOs or short sales.Please feel free to contact me directly if I can provide any assistance.

Buying my first home... NO idea what I'm doing - Advise welcome!


Your question is a great one.  The first thing that I would do is ask a friend for a referral or go on Zillow and find an agent in your area, with great reviews.  The agent should be able to refer you to a qualified lender that will verify your credit worthiness, income and then let you know how much of a mortgage/home you can qualify for.  With that "Pre-Approval" in hand, you can start looking.  You will want to figure out what size/type of property you desire.  Remember that given the choice; generally speaking, a single family home will give you the most appreciation and least depreciation.  The old saying, Location, Location, Location is also true.  The Realtor can guide you on this.Your Realtor should be able to direct you to all the necessary inspectors that you will need in the purchase as well as any contractors/handymen that you may require, as well as the associated costs.  The Realtor should also be able to educate you on the purchase process in detail, including the actions necessary by you, the lender, title/escrow and where applicable, attorneys, along with the expected timelines.If you would like a referral to a qualified RE/MAX Realtor in your area, I would be happy to do some research and identify one.  Please don't hesitate to call me if I can be of any assistance.Lloyd Felix