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How much extra property value does owning an upstairs condo yield as opposed to a downstairs units?


Often it is more desirable to be on the top floor, because you won't be subjected to the noise of people walking above you.  But this question is changing rapidly in the US, and I know in my area it certainly is, as the population is aging. The new buyers of these condominiums may be much older than before, and they do prefer no stairs, or elevators.  Hence a first floor may be more desirable in many cases. I would say it depends on the demography of your buyers, in your area.Francis

Should you sell a house that you inherit in these troubled times?


In general, keeping a house as part of your "portfolio" of investments is a good thing: one part as stocks and bonds, one part as real estate, and one part as cash/liquidity.  It also depends on the location, and the condition of the house.  Part of the hassle to rent out a property is the upkeep, which can be 1/time-consuming, and 2/expensive.  If you do not have this problem, then keeping the house is a good option.  But unless you are close to the Palo Alto area, it does not seem that values will go up a lot in the near future.  So it comes down to what would you do with the money if you sold the property.  Sometimes, the money is needed for personal reasons, and that would definitely trigger the need to sell.Otherwise, it is not a bad time to sell.  There is demand in the Valley.[link to website deleted by Zillow moderator.  Please refer to our Good Neighbor Policy for posting guidelines]

First Time Home Buyer.Looking for Bay Area (South Bay/Fremont)great school/kids frndly district<$1M


Hello,Some areas that may be good candidates for you on this side of the Bay would be Campbell.  For specific schools, I would recommend you check my "schools" page, which has, in addition to already some schools researched, a link to check the API scores of all the schools in the County of Santa Clara.  Here is the link: the other side of the Bay I cannot tell you as much, as I do not really know the areas in Fremont.  But based on the price range you tell me and the type of properties, it is going to be limited on this side of the Bay.  As I say, I  would see as a good possibility the town of Campbell, and the Moreland school district.Good luck, and let me know if you have further questions along the lines of my reply.Francis

How does the future High Speed Rail development affect the Parc Crossings Mountain View area?


The future of the high speed rail along that corridor is not defined yet.  There are many unknowns.  I believe that prices have adjusted at the Parc Crossings because there were a few distressed sales, and since there are not too many properties coming on the market in that building, it has had an impact.  But I would not say that the future plans for a high speed train have affected values there.  I would not be ready at all to come to that conclusion.  I have not seen that effect in neighbor complexes either. For instance, there has been a unit at the Old Mill complex that sold recently with one of the highest prices seen recently, (if not the highest), and it was right next to the train.  The impact on these units should be much higher, since there is nothing between the units and the trains, except for the sound wall.

how to find an owner of a property?


Hi Matt,I am not sure if you are in Mountain View California.  If that is the case I can help you with that.  It is in the public records.Send me an email, with word or two about the property and your

Why are Zillow estimates of property value so far off the mark on some homes.


Houses are very different from one another.  Zillow is pretty good at looking at averages, but you will always find pockets of areas where the houses just are not easily comparable.  Looking at the general price of a house in a neighborhood, by house size and lot size will give you an approximation of the value, I would say 80% of the time.  It is the other 20% that requires special (human) attention, many times.  I hope this

Why is this listed for sale?


You are right.This is a mistake made by Zillow, not the MLS or Coldwell Banker. We have no control over what companies like Zillow do with the feed from the MLS.Francis

This home is for RENT, not for sale!


Hi, yes you are absolutely correct: this is a house for rent (or it was, rather). It is too bad that they make this mistake from the mls feed, because it probably skews their stats.Thanks for your note though.If I can help you with anything let me know,Francis