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How much is a 3br, 1ba house worth?


The actual cost will vary on lots of things.The most important would be the condition & up keep of the home. If your thinking of selling then I would suggest a home inspection to catch any issues before they turn a buyer away.It's a process of things that will ultimately bring you success when selling your home. Repairs, maint, appraisals, ect are all important.Take your time do your research and it will be a great experience.

new home inspection


A few hundred $'s for a home inspection is the best money you will spend. It will not only cover disclosure of condition but its a 3rd party who is non-objective.When I do a inspection I check for recalls on all appliances.Also an inspection can point out many small issues relating to preventive maintenance, that can save you lots of money in the long run.I know that I personally would not buy a home with out getting a home inspection. Why would I obligate myself to many years of payments without verifying quality of product.