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Written about Pam Yancoskie on 05/09/2011
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $750K in Happy Valley, OR.

Pam was a complete joy to work with. She was very efficient and patient as well. We were looking for a higher-end home in Happy Valley, but we weren't in a hurry to buy. After about two home viewings, Pam had asked us enough questions about each of those homes we visited that she knew exactly what we wanted.

For the next 10 months, she payed close attention to the market to find us the perfect house. We really didn't look at that many homes over the course of a year, but she'd send us market data, and make sure we were seeing everything online that she was seeing, and she did take us to enough viewings so that we were more than comfortable in making a significant offer when the time came.

Pam talked us out of a couple of houses (rightfully so) that we were willing to offer on, simply because we hadn't seen anything we liked for 2 or 3 months. She brought up all the things we said (and she thought) we wanted, and sure enough, she was right. We were "settling" and she saw it. We almost offered on a house one time and she said to trust her and hold off for just another day because a beautiful house was coming on the market and it was perfect for us. She had been paying attention to what was going on and talking to other agents about what was out there. Sure enough, it was the best house we had seen to date, and we were looking at houses between $500,000 and $1.4 million. And we even got the house for $734,500. Pam found us our dream house that we consider nicer than all the houses we looked at, including houses currently listed over $1 million!!! Amazing! We could have spent significantly more, and she was focused on exactly what we wanted for the best price out there.

Pam knows the Clackamas County area very well, and is extremely honest and forthright. Most of all, she was really working to make us happy, not to sell a house. If I could only say one thing, that would be it. If you do a great job, success will find you. She wasn't worried about selling a house. She could have sold us 2 or 3 other houses a lot faster, gotten her commission and moved on; we would have bought them. But we wouldn't have been happy in the end. We are SO THANKFUL we worked with a person like Pam. We are going to be in this house the next 20+ years and are so happy. But we'd be so sad if we were rushed into a sale and then saw something else that was more of what we wanted. Not an issue here. 100% satisfied! We'll definitely be using Pam to sell our other house, when the market improves...someday...

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