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City will buy my home through Eminent Domain. I have a 2nd on my home. Does city have to pay both?


So it is important to know whether this is your only home and personal residence or is this an investment property that you rent out. The process and rules vary by state as well. Typically there will be two appraisals on the property for independent sources that will paid for by the city. When they come out to appraise the property be sure to tell them about your mortgage situation, as much as it shouldn't affect their opinion of value it certainly will if this is your homestead. I would also say that you should contact a local real estate lawyer for more exact answers.

How do I post to Craigslist? Have this feature been removed?


I am confused because I just posted several listings on Craigslist today. So I went and looked at the LA area and I could have posted from my account in LA, had I been so inclined. Just look for the post button while on Craigslist and follow the instructions. Post away Sopa Soun "AgentZero123"

My homedoesn't have a driveway. Quotes to put one in range from 10-15k, will it add value to my home


It would be difficult to answer this question unless I knew the price of your home relative to the cost of the driveway. Will a 10-15K add value to your home. Yes, if that was the only complaint that you heard while your home was listed it will certainly add value. Will you be able to list your home for 10-15K more than asking price and expect to recoup the full amount in a higher asking price? Probably not, probably not even half of that amount. If it didn't sell when it was listed before, it may have been over priced or was at least perceived to be over priced from the buyers that viewed your home Hope this helps.

What is the max property an individual can have.


By have I am assuming that you mean be qualified for? Correct. For the VA loan this will vary by area. Currently, the highest is in Nantucket, MA with a loan limit of $1,094.625. Here is the link from the VA which outlines the loan limits for VA loans. In general the higher the median home price the higher the VA loan limit.