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Gary Gold wrote:

Staging your home

Staging a home well will cut the amount of time it takes to sell a home by two oe 3 times and the Seller will get 5-10% more for the home. There are exceptions, like a land value only sale but for the most part it is critical to state to compete on a high level in the marketplace.
November 21 2011

Loan Modification for 1 million loan?

Be Vigilant. Call again you may get someone else. Also ask if there is any other department you could contact. You could also ask your local branch if they have a contact. The reality is the farther you fall behind the more interested the bank is to modify your loan. Your loan status internally can change for multiple reasons so you could call on a Monday and they do not want to talk to you and by Friday it is now in a new department and they wll bend over backwards to help you.if you are 100% committed and stay on it, you should prevail. The bank especially do not want to foreclose on $1,000,000+ homes.
October 22 2011