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Hi, While it seems like weeks, I have lived in the Reston/Herndon/Oak Hill area of Northern Virginia for about thirty-two years! Before that time, I made the mistake of being here off and on while in the Foreign Service and not buying a nice home at a low price and renting it out while overseas. That tactic, if you want to call it that, was employed by thousands of Federal Workers and Military who had to periodically go overseas.

Well, I can tell you about the area, the good and bad, but nothing about buying and selling. The above is an example and the upswing in prices and then downfall, caught me both unawares and not understanding it when it was happening or for awhile afterwards.

Again, however, I am happy to tell you about a place I've lived in for decades, how it changed and how it is now. You should be able to get an pretty good idea of the area. I will look at the outside and neighborhood of homes for sale nearby, but not outside my area. Just ask and I will say yes or no and help you if I can.

My home will be up for sale soon and I am looking for something similar in Las Vegas. That will be impossible, but I said "similar." Who knows though. Global freezing and warming both hit us here in Northern Virginia in 2010, so maybe one area is not as different than another, as far as climate goes.

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