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Is it ok to get a separate buyers agent to go after a short sale?


First of all, short sales will get you into multiple offer situations as well.  There's no avoiding it in this market.  I'm mainly a buyer's agent and do whatever is right for my buyer, even if it means making offers on short sales. You should remember that the list price is not necessarily the approved short sale price - after bank approves short sale, price may increase due to seller's bank "appraisal".  What kind of downpayment do you have?   That could be an issue with getting an acceptance.   And, perhaps you should lower your target price of a property knowing that the final price will get bid up and you can then offer above asking from the start.   If your buyer's agent doesn't want to go after short sales, you could consider another agent who's willing to go after everything.  

is ther house for sale by owner finance?


Finding a house for sale that offers owner financing can be a little tricky.  You need to look for properties in your desired price range and a wide location area and have your realtor approach sellers with a buyer's complete financial picture.   Buyers should be prepared to pay more than the very low interested rates offered by banks to purchase a home in this manner.

Looking to purchase with cash 2 properties in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and/or Riverside counties


In addition to my real estate sales in the south bay of los angeles, I have recently assisted my clients in purchasing homes in the Corona area with all cash deals.  $80K with a monthly rent of $1050.   And a short sale property $150,000 with a rental income of $1450.   The competition is fierce for these properties.   You need to catch the properties just as they come onto the market - or even before - and you need to be a very flexible buyer.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

RED FIN or Local Agent - Better Option


Redin is a discount service.  Period.  If you want a discount on service as well, then go with Redfin.As a listing agent, I have had a couple of transactions with Redfin agents.  On both of these occasions, the buyers came to the open house by themselves.   The Redfin agent did not come out to visit the property, they sent their "assistant" to be present for the home inspection.   I believe the buyers did not get any professional input or advice from their agent regarding the property.  They may have been represented by an agent, however, in my opinion what really did that agent do to protect their best interests.  As an agent I see hundreds of properties and do my own "review" for condition, location, comparisons, etc. for value.  Sure Redfin offers a discount on realtor services in form of a credit, however, as a buyer wouldn't you want the best representation possible on what could be the biggest investment of your life.  A full-service buyers agent is well-worth the money that doesn't even come out of a buyer's pocket.  Basically, you get what you pay for.  If a $3,000 credit to closing costs is more important that legal or investment protection provided by a buyers agent....then go with Redfin.

Advice on buying investment property - best areas for growth and rental?


My suggestion is to look in the Desert area.  Palm Springs perhaps.  The second home markets are a great deal right now.  It's a good investment with long-term renters and vacation rentals, and then you always have the property yourself to visit or retire to.  I can refer you to a great RE/MAX agent/friend in that [hotlink deleted by Zillow moderator. Please see our Good Neigbhor Policy for posting guidelines]area.