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Written about Joseph Frederick on 08/22/2011
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Crawford Corners, Kenosha, WI 53142

Initial contact was punctual but after that the lender did not send through the quotes I requested. I believe it was a "quoting system issue" in that it was supposed to automatically send the quotes to me but did not. Hopefully it was a "one of" and will not happen to others.

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Response from Joseph on 09/09/2011

It's a "one of"; I was accidently sending the auto quotes to myself only and not to myself and client. I appologize, it's my fault.



Written about Peter M. Stefaniak on 06/23/2011
Sold a home in 2011 in Waukesha, WI 53186.

Peter is an honest realtor that listened to our needs and helped us set our sale price appropriately.

He was prepared with "comparable" home research and provided pragmatic advice without being pushy. He is fair with pricing and provides personalized service.

In the end he helped us sell our home within 60 days in a down market!

We used him originally to buy the home we just sold and plan to use him for purchasing our next home!

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Response from Peter M.