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08/06/2013 - user2039719
Sold a home in 2013.

Connie response time for any issue was awesome. Connie always had a sense of urgency with any issue we had. If we called her and wanted to see a house the same day she was available or she adjusted her schedule.

Connie cares about her clients and she is dedicated to you through the whole process. She is the best realtor we ever worked with. Connie sold our home and she find us a new home in Avon with everything we wanted!

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07/30/2013 - user39233873
Listed, but didn't sell my home in 2013.

My experience was very good. I felt like Connie not only was my realtor but cared as a friend. She has went above and beyond to help me find renters and list my home as well. Thank you Connie

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03/24/2013 - user2766483
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Camby, IN.

Connie Jurey was the best thing that happened to me. I have everything I dreamed of because she makes sure she does everything she can to get you a house you will love. I called a couple different housing realtors and they just seemed pushy or just didnt listen. House smart reality is the best one. The day I called Connie she set up an appointment that worked around my work schedule and always checked with me first before making any appointments. House smart reality is really the best way to go and Connie Jurey is the person to make your dreams come true.

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06/05/2012 - user1230674
Sold a Townhouse home in 2011 for approximately $125K in Indianapolis, IN.

I highly recommend Connie as your realtor. The research and preparation in putting my home up for sell was impeccable. My first showing was one day after my home went on the market in January and was sold within four weeks. In the middle of winter! Connie made the process an enjoyable one.

Candace Adair

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12/06/2011 - yoursmineours365
Bought a Single Family home in 2009 in Camby, IN.

Are you looking for a realtor? Are you looking for a friend? Are you looking for a realtor who can be your friend throughout your journey of searching for the home of your dreams? You will have everything and more with Connie.

When my husband and I talked about buying a home we did a lot of researching and looking around. We found some homes we were interested in viewing and upon inquiring about these homes the realtor contacted us with listings of 20 different houses rather than listening to our request to just see the home we were interested in. To me, that was overwhelming. Buying a home is a very BIG deal. It is something that is very serious to me and something that I would like to take my time to review and make sure that it is "THE ONE" rather than rushing to just get into something. On top of that, my husband and I work opposite shifts and upon receiving an email of over 20 houses that realtor had also mentioned meeting up that weekend to go and look at them! Whew! Talk about moving FAST! That's just scary to me!

So, we decided to put it off for awhile since house hunting didn't go so well the 1st couple times. Then, friends of ours bought a home. Which of course sparked up our interest in looking again, especially after hearing how they LOVED their realtor! They referred us to the beautiful Connie Jurey. Anthony and I contacted her and let her know our interests regarding the area, how many rooms, bathrooms, etc. She was VERY quick with responses and also emailed us listing of homes to the exact criteria we were looking for and was NOT pushy at all! She's very patient and understanding. We were able to take time to talk it over with each other and let her know when WE were wanting to go out and take a look at the homes that we liked the most.

House hunting! What I LOVE, well one of the things, about Connie is that when we met with her at the homes we wanted to view, she walked through that home as if SHE were buying it! She paid a lot of attention to detail, told us the positives and negatives of what she thought about the home, and that made me completely comfortable. She wasn't just trying to SELL. She was being more than a realtor, she was being a friend. You could tell that she really cared about us. That means a LOT to me when making a very big decision in life, especially being a first time buyer! We didn't have a clue about buying a home! - After looking at a few homes we found OUR home! :)

Filling out the paperwork! Oh how it can be a process.. whew! Don't forget, I must remind you, Connie is THERE for you every step of the way! When it came to paperwork and meeting deadlines with financing, getting important documents taken care of, etc. Connie was there to answer any question we had! If she didn't know the answer then she would find out and respond as soon as she could. If it would take longer than expected then she would let us know what trouble she had run into so that we would know she was working on it. There was even a night that papers needed to be turned in for approval and it was hard for Anthony and I to work on them, since we work opposite shifts, Connie offered to drive out to our rental home to pick them up so that she could get them to the office first thing in the morning! She just amazes me!

Closing on our home! I heard all of the horror stories about closing, all of the papers you have to sign, what a drag! To us, it really didn't seem bad at all! It was a breeze. I don't know what was different compared to others experiences with their realtors. I guess it could have been the comfort in knowing that Connie worked her hardest to get us the best deal, no money down, no closing costs, warranty, just to name a few. She definitely made me feel comfortable, worry free!

My husband and I have been in our home for almost 3 years now and I STILL have contact with Connie. I feel like she is like part of my family. She has even come by giving out condiment gift sets for all of her customers this past summer! Just in time for grilling. :) How sweet is that! She also STILL emails to check up on things and to see how our family is doing. We have referred Connie to more than a dozen people over the past couple years, whether it be to help buy a home or even find a rental, and we will continue to refer her. I'm telling you.. if you are looking for a realtor and a friend, you will have it with Connie Jurey. AMAZING!

-Mrs. Heather Thistlethwaite

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06/08/2011 - Marcus D
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $75K in Fishers, IN.

I highly recommend Connie to represent you in the sale of your home. Here preparation, knowledge and experience is the best I have worked with. She also is very patient and will give you plenty of option of what you want to do during the sale process.

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12/09/2010 - wild dogs
Bought a Other home in 2009 in Whitestown, IN.

Connie was very helpful and she never stopped looking for a house that was in my price range. If a mortgage agent could not get anything worked out, she always found someone else. I honestly could not be in my home without her help.

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12/09/2010 - sold gold
Sold a Vacant Land home in 2009 in Camby, IN.

In Feb 2009, in a very iffy real estate market, I wanted to sell my home. Several homes on my street had been on and off the market for some time. With two postcards from realtors, I chose the one that offered a free gas card, mentally saying 'whatever'. Next day, when she arrived I was impressed by her professional appearance, knowledge of the area and homes available, explanation in terms even I could understand of the process involved. Did I think she could sell my home? Yes! Did I expect the frist showing to be three days after it went on the market?? NO!! But it was. Connie showed my home to three qualified buyers, all three of whom bid on it. In six weeks we closed!Making it look easy, connie made the process a very pleasant one for everyone. Connie is AWESOME!!

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12/09/2010 - ramarlex
Bought a home in 2010.

She is impressive in all aspects. She was quick to respond to our email and calls, knows the area in great detail, and most of all, her masterful negotiating skills are bar none. She knew what we wanted and was able to fit that with our budget. All-in-all, a very pleasant experience. We would definitely recommend her and urge the readers to give her a try.

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