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Gina Giampietro wrote:

do you carpet the hallway if stairs are not?

If you are selling and the stairs are not nice. Either carpet or refinish.
April 20

Why can I not sell when it's priced way below market and has new roof and updated utilities.

Well there are many reason property does not sell. Trying to find yours for sale was hard and when I did 2 set of photos appear. Looks like the property is in the heart of Knoxville and needs to be completely renovated. The 2nd site shows renovated and a different price? What I can tell you is your property needs to shown for what it is and take better Photo's. Is it rented or vacant?? If rented do you talk about a Cap Rate? If not do so. If it is vacant what are the rents for the area. If the property needs work how much .. cost to finish. projected cape rate with that and the sales price. You should call an agent that can help.
February 08

Why do i have to search a specific town or zip code? Why can't I search a larger area?

You can search by zip codes. Usually civers a few town. Ir seach by map and drawl a circle around the area of choice
January 11

another agent has captured my listings, how do I recapture back to me

Use the edit button. You can Claim the listing under report listing and select wrong agent. Or you can email Support and tell them Hope that help Gina
October 15 2011

Is my real estate company crooked?

I would never have you sign anything that was not correct. If you feel they are not working in your best interest please tell them you will sign nothing till your attorney reviews it. Make sure the price you agreed to and the seller assist they agreed to is in the contract before signing it. Transfer stamps well I see buyers pay that all the time in a REO sale Hope this helps
August 24 2011