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good day, how can I stay out of the US and purchase a home I see and like on this site?


With the power of technology & local experts you can have a clear picture of what you are buying.  I for one have taken video and extensive pictures for customers overseas.  You can have a qualified home inspection so that you get a detailed report about all of the components of the house before you make an offer (note: this inspection can run $400-500).It is very easy with technology to have a closing on a home from a distance.  Important closing documents that need original signatures or notarizing can be mailed overnight for signing.  With the proper planning by you and your Realtor, you can have a snag-free closing from anywhere in the world.

how can i find a house to rent with the option to buy


If you search google or yahoo for "lease to own" plus the city in which you are searching you will get a number of local websites showing properties.  Like my fellow Realtors suggest, I would use the local experts in your area first because they will be more knowledgable about what's on the market.   You can also try national sites like and -- these have lease to own properties listed by owners and Realtors.

I'm wanting to buy a home in Kissimmee, Florida thru the bank. What are the steps w/out down payment


There are a couple of options.  First you can apply for a downpayment assistance in the county that you are interested.  However this option is time consuming and funds are EXTREMELY limited so it can take a long time.  The second option is gift money from a relative or friend.  This can be from several sources.  You can get the seller's assistance in some cases as well.