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Do you check out your agents who list with your web site...and their brokers office?


Oxicile, I believe any agent can advertise on here, or have their listings posted.  I'm a broker in Northern Calif. and I think when I signed up I had to check a box saying I was licensed.  Technically anyone could put something on.  Do back ground research and get some referrals before hiring anyone off the web.  glen

updates on new listings by area


I would check in with a realtor in Yreka area and ask if they have a free automatic email search service.  Most do.

Is it safe to obtain a refinance through a mortgage broker rather then a bank or CU.


If they are reputable they can have their business just about any where they have phone and computer access.  Mortgage brokers have the ability to use multiple banks and may have access to one with a lower rate.  Mortgage brokers don't hand the money to you it gets wired to escrow from the bank.  Its in their best interest to do a good job for you so you come back again and refer clients.

How do you find someone help you do a short sale ?


interview several realtors in your area and ask them about experience working with banks.  If you need help tracking down a good referal let me know.  Hope it sells quickly for your daughter.