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Where do I go from here?

We had been pre-approved for the purchase of a home that was with the condtion we hjad a tenant for the current house we owe, our mortgage lender told us have the prospective tenant call him so he could check his credit history, the tennant not only qualified to rent but to buy (our was also for sale by owner), The mortgage lender thanked me for sending him the persom and said he qualified to purchase a house for $250,000 (oue home was selling for $199,000) The mortgage broker said he refered him to his co-worker (they share office space with a real estate company), I told him if they were going to qualify him  for a hime to sell him ours, he stated the person expressed an interest in possibly purchasing our home instead of renting, when it came time to sign the lease I got a call from the tennant stating he was no longer interested in renting, he was in the market to purchase and was seeing houses! Our attorney said that was unethical and we needed to switch lenders and find another tenant. What is your advice? We were in the middle of the transaction with a closing date of June 24th.