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Should I sue my home inspector?


Thanks for your replies all. There is no way this was a permitted addition, we have checked with the city and there is no permit on record. Local files before 1973 were destroyed in a flood, but there is no way this addition would have passed any inspections so I don't believe there was ever a permit issued. The house was bank  owned when we bought it.

Should I sue my home inspector?

I bought a house in 2010, now in 2013 The floor in the bedroom is falling in due to ssevere wood rot from the bedroom not being built with correct crawspace height and no vor barrier, no vents to outside etc ect. It looks like this was an addition to the house and was totally not built up to code. probably cost about 20K to fix it, I think the inspection should have found that this addition and no acess to crawlspace & alerted me to the substandard conditions it was built to.