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Nancy Keith Cooper Realtor wrote:

Does Zillow work in Louisville, Ky? You bet.

Yes, it's one of the many avenues people have of reseaching homes that are for sale, have sold, forclosures, pending, off market, not for sale.
March 17 2013

We are tired of renting but clueless and curious about first time home buying.

Greetings,  first start is finding a great Realtor who can interview you and see which program is best for you.  Next see the loan officer to direct you on your loan amount.  Simple and Easy.
February 23 2012

My home pictures are not coming up on Zillow but they're on the MLS and

You can load them yourself on Zillow
October 19 2010

Is there any way to get a fair estimated value on my home without an appraisel?

No, values change with the times and only an expert knows the data.
May 23 2010