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I have to refi!


Go to link supplied if this interests you and you are willing to be disciplined I may be able to help you out with a out a refi contact me

reverse mortgage

Before a senior 62 or older looks at refinancing you need to look at the reverse mortgage for the money you need and never need to worry about how to get HUD councleing and this Reverse mortgage does not leave you up at night trying to figure how I going tore pay with out sell my home. Contact me I will be glad to explain further.

What are the advantages of paying cash versus taking out a loan?


In my opinion it may not be to the advantageof older clients to do a small down payment. If you are over 62 years of age own your own home or would like to purchase a home you can use a Reverse Mortgage to accomplish the idea of an investment. The purpose of which is to use to rest of money for whatever purpose you would like. Note there is little chance that the average person will invest the difference as with the fallacy created by A.L. Williams did with term insurance and invest the difference but one in the thousand ever did it. If a husband and wife or single is age 62 or older ( this is one time being older is an advantage) you can use a reverse mortgage to either stay in your existing home or you can use it to purchase a home using approximately 50% of the costs of the new home and never making another pay. Your existing home if you'll less than 50% a 62 ( this goes down the older you are) you can get a HECM reverse mortgage. Never have to make another payment never lose title to your home, this is a non recourse loan it can never affect your estate. For more information e-mail me Gary Donley at