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    I'am a broker on zillow but don't know how to inter my photo. Can you help?


    Are you talking about your profile photo?  If so, you go to your profile after signing in to your account. Next go to edit profile information. Where you see upload photo, you browse, select the photo you wish to enter just click on it, open and then upload.  It will have to have the right type of extension as listed there and you may have to resize if it does not look quite right. 

    Can't seem to find the tab that used to be on the listings to post an open house when editing


    Thanks Rachel- we are aware that most people don't do open houses on rentals but we are planning to do so as our Construction Services company is rehabbing entire buildings with mulitiple units and with an entire building going up for rent at the same time and the rentals being in such demand, it is easier and a more sensible use of our leasing agents' time to do the open houses to show multiple prospective tenants at one time.  We have put the information in the body of the listing but most folks using Zillow are aware of the open house spot when looking at listings so we thought it would be useful to be able to post the Open Houses in the same spot.  Zillow is the only site where rentals are treated differently as far as open house information goes. Again, thanks for your response.

    Posting Open Houses


    We do syndicate through the MLS but our open houses have never fed into Zillow so that is why we go in and do it manually.  It used to work fine but has stoppped doing so lately.  Thanks though!

    Posting Open Houses

    Although you are allowed to post 3 open houses at a time on a property, we have done so several times and only one is staying and the other two are dropping  off requiring time consuming re-posting.  Can this be fixed?? See no point in having that capability if it does not work.

    how do i get info about purchase or sales of south shore apt buildings (3 FLATS IN PARTICULAR NOT HO


    You can call any realtor and they can assist you with finding properties and help with the buying process.  We have many clients looking for multi-unit buildings and we are helping them put contracts in on them every week.  There is a lot out there to choose from so having specific areas and your price in mind, an agent can start an automated search for you that will send the listings to you for review and then set up appointments for you to see them.