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Should our 43 unit West Rogers Park, IL condo adopt a rental cap in this market?


If your not FHA approved you will need rentals so investors will buy them. Having empty units is the worst thing you can have as association dues wont get paid and that will cause you more problems. Good balance of renters if the association has some key tenant rules and approves the lease can be a great solution to a growing problem in the condo market.

erroneous information


If only it was that easy! Got to use a Realtor you cant beat their experience!

I entered date and time for Open House 1 week ago. Now seeing right date but wrong times.


You should be able to go in to the listing to the edit portion and find the open house section and change the time.  I know that we have posted a couple of open houses and had to double check them as we put in one time and it changes to a different time- like it might be defaulting to EST.  Once we have changed the time AGAIN, it seems to stick.

need a loan for a forclosure how do I get one


If you are working with a Realtor they will have some recomendations. As long as your credit is good you should be fine. In order to get a loan on a condo there are some requirements such as reseves,budgets and financials.Also the property has to be in live in condition.

reasonable late fee


Your policy has to be consistent you should put a policy together and send to your tenant have them sign it.It would be advisable to always include this with lease and have them signed at lease signing. 

How do I find out my home's worth?


Your best bet is to contact a Realtor. In most cases your home is your number one asset and by all means you want an experience professional to help you with your price!

Why is it that there is no way to contact anyone on Zillow


Most Buyers use Realtors and believe me no Realtor will even look at website programs that produce instant market evaluations. There is way to much research we go through to do a accurate Market Study's of someone's most important asset! So relax it wont really affect your home.