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I am refinancing and I am eligible for conv, fha, or va loans. need to cash out, which is best?


I agree with Sir Tyler Osby on this one.  You really need to have a conversation with someone so that all of the data is laid out on the table in order to compare expenses and possible pitfalls in each loan product option available.  You are asking about 3 different loan products that have completely different structures and processes, and then on top of that each and every lender that offers these products has their own requirements and guidelines on top of that - so I quick email response simply will not do you any justice, unfortunately.  Good luck in you quest!

we have a VA loan. would like to re-fi but also thinking about trying to sell and buy small acreage


Whether to sell or refinance is 100% your decision.  In any case, there are still plenty of loan programs out there that should be of use to you regardless of what you decide.  I would suggest the old-fashioned Pro vs. Con list - see which side wins!  Houses are selling quickly right now, which might be good for you to sell - but hard to find a home that you like in order to move into, etc.  Lastly, you can always refinance and put the home on the market afterwards - if it doesn't sell, you have already began taking advantage of a lower interest rate and you are that much further ahead.  However, you do not want to list your home and then end up trying to refinance if it doesn't sell as your transaction will be delayed almost undoubtedly.

Zestimate vs Assessed Value?


Many times the Assessor's depiction of value is less than stellar.  They drive by homes every 2-8 years and take a picture.  They generally have no idea as to what updates, if any, have been done to the home.  Zillow is usually looking at newly reported room count, condition, and other recent sales data for a specific area - much more like an actual appraisal.  Keep in mind, however, that Zillow is NOT an appraiser and that this estimation of value takes into consideration and OPINIONS as well as possible assumptions by Zillow itself.  In general, Iowa properties that can be acquired for less than assessed value are a decent bargain, so you may be looking at a pretty decent opportunity there!

How can a bank appraiser for a house be $50,000 less than county assessor did a few months prior?


Unfortunately, assessed values are not accurate market data.  On top of that, it is very unlikely that the assessor even visited the property recently to make a valuation.  Especially in the Des Moines, IA marketplace I have seen more and more increased taxation when the market is simply stable at BEST in most areas - if not severely decreasing in the townhome and condo market.  The appraiser on the other hand, may or may not give appropriate value as they can use comparable sales that are the best "in their opinion."  You can certainly dispute the appraisal if it is erroneous.