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    Broker Associate, GRI, NJ (12 years experience)

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    11/04/2014 - Sillygirl374
    Sold a home in 2014.

    Bill is beyond amazing! He assisted us through renting our home and eventually selling it. He went above and beyond any realtor out there! I would recommend him to anyone!

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    08/26/2014 - sinacker
    Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $525K in Weehawken, NJ.

    My husband and I are first time home buyers who work in midtown and were looking for a home in NJ with a reasonable commute. We were actually living in London when we started our search and reached out to Bill based on the reviews we had seen. Bill truly lived up to all of his great reviews. Even though we were across the Atlantic, he was quick to respond to all of our questions and even gave us more information than we asked for. It became quickly evident that he had great knowledge of the area and really enjoyed helping people find a home. Bill was patient with us as we figured out exactly what it was we wanted and when it came time to pull the trigger on actually buying a place, he walked us through every step of the way and made it incredibly easy. All of his recommendations for other services needed were great as well. We couldn't be happier with how everything worked out and highly recommend using Bill!

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    08/08/2014 - aimeen1030
    Sold a Condo home in 2014 in Union City, NJ.

    I had known Bill as he had previously been my neighbor at the Doric. Once I had made the decision to sell and called Bill I had gotten his voice mail. Within an hour I had current MLS listings , under contract and pending sales information on the building sent to me via email by Bill followed up with a phone call from him.

    Bill was able to give me specific improvements I needed to complete before listing the unit and what the appropriate listing price would be and it was very successful as I got my first and ultimately the buyers offer less than a week of the unit being on the market.

    Due to the building being a co op finding a buyer turned out to be the easy part. It became a long process and there were points I was very concerned and frustrated. Bill was there for me whether he was responding to me or updating me on the status of the sale or he was simply checking in and I might not have kept my sanity without him!

    Overall I would say if you choose Bill as your Realtor you can expect a warm, knowledgeable, client comes first orientated gentleman whom knows his market and can get your property sold!!!

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    07/22/2014 - gidgeguard shop
    Found a tenant for a Single Family home in Downtown, Jersey City, NJ.

    After months of looking for a new tenant for our apartment, Bill found our new tenants in a matter of weeks...

    Bill is quite reliable and very thorough. We greatly relied on his opinions as he politely tells you like it is, and what you can do to improve your situation.

    We highly recommend him.

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    07/17/2014 - NatashaPatel
    Bought a home in 2014.

    Working with Bill Graber was great. He provided a ton of information, but not all at once-- so I didn't feel overwhelmed. He was very patient with the indecision, paranoia, and hesitation that come with a first time buyer. He offered his opinion only when asked for it. Otherwise, he allows you to go through your process and figure out what makes you happy. He always made time to show units, had printouts ready, and was never late. I went back to see the condo I purchased at least three or four times before putting in an offer and Bill never seemed annoyed or pushy. He offered attorneys, brokers, inspectors, and even cleaning services to make the whole process easier on the buyer. I also had hesitations about a tax abatement and Bill put in extra time to investigate the issue and get answers. In all, he really knows the industry well and has a system that clearly works.

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    04/14/2014 - erinsyswerda
    Sold a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $250K in Downtown, Jersey City, NJ.

    I have known Bill for years, and worked with him on a couple transactions. His experience in the area is invaluable, and his tenure enabled me to get to closing on a somewhat complicated sale. I trust him without question.

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    03/02/2014 - tracehasan82
    Sold a Condo home in 2014 in Greenville, Jersey City, NJ.

    Bill was extremely patient and very helpful is selling this house. It seemed like selling this house was going to be near impossible. Bill was there every step of the way. He always had sound advice on what we could do to improve our chances.

    He would highly recommend him!

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    02/23/2014 - JamesBigwood
    Sold a home in 2013.

    My experience selling my Jersey City home through Bill was exceptional. He started with a detailed analysis of similar homes and prices in my area, noting that we were in a very strong position as homes of my configuration were in short supply and high demand. He encouraged me to participate in the process and we had several conversations as we mapped out our strategy. He recommended a remarkable woman who, as she staged the house, explained her reasons for her suggestions rather than imposing them. In the end, he found a prospective buyer who made a preemptive cash offer significantly over the asking price--sparing us the inconvenience of multiple candidates viewing the house. Finally, after the sale was over, when it became obvious to me that the Post Office had been delivering my mail to my locked mailbox rather than forwarding it as instructed, he tracked down the new owner, obtained the mailbox key, collected my mail and overnighted it to me. Above and beyond the call of duty! A GREAT EXPERIENCE.

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    04/11/2013 - user1942917
    Bought a home in 2013.

    As a french real estate investor in the USA, after meeting some real estate agents, I decided to work with Bill on my side. I (each time...) really appreciate his knowledge of Jersey City and Hoboken but also his availability, professionalism and kindness when repairs have to be organized, when tenants have to be found ...etc... I can state that my business would be less efficient and pleasant without him. Thank you Bill, it is a pleasure to work with you !

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    02/20/2013 - Cezzer
    Sold a home in 2012.

    If we could use Bill for every home purchase and listing we would! When my wife and I were moving from Boston to the NYC area, Bill was completely flexible in working his schedule around when we could be in town. He is incredibly organized and efficient and quickly picks up on what your likes/dislikes are to pre-screen properties.

    We can't say enough good things about Bill!

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