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harvestics wrote:

I have tried repeatedly to change the picture on my listing, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
The picture on my posting is of my kitchen.  I want a picture of the front of the house. I have tried repeatedly to change this, thus running up my views, and can not seem to change the picture or the views.   Any help?
February 03 2009
How can I change the Main pic on my list? How can I change the Views I have run up?
I have tried many times to change the picture on my ad, but on the general listing the picture remains the same. I want the Front of the house instead of the kitchen on the ad.  Second I have run up the views number trying to make changes. How can this views number be changed?
January 17 2009
There is a blurry photo on my listing, 806 S. Lakeshore Dr. Rockwall, texas, 75087
I have tried reloading this picture with the same results, blurry.  Can you help?
January 13 2009

Improvements professionally executed.

Yes, Everything was done by a professional.
December 02 2008
Improvements professionally executed.
Unlike any in the area. This home is first class, in top condition and beautiful.
November 29 2008