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Foundation Waterproofing
Hillside Landscaping provides foundation repair services by waterproofing your home or businesses' foundation. Keeping your foundation in good condition will help prevent costly damage.

To waterproof your foundation we will excavate the area and re-grade as needed. Then we will install a curtain drain. These services are provided to make sure water drains away from your foundation.

Snow Removal 
With snow being such a common problem throughout Alaska we do everything possible to remove it from your property. We provide snow removal services for home and business owners. We will come to your office or place of residence on a regular basis or as needed to clear your driveways, parking lots, or roads. Additionally, we have contracts for snow plowing and sanding. We make sure all snow and ice is removed to prevent accidents from occurring. At Hillside Landscaping, we provide a wide variety of services to keep your property looking its best. You will find that we provide many services, but we specialize in excavation, foundation repair and snow removal services. Contact us to schedule any of our home improvement services.

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