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should i update my 1985 condo?


Since you planning on staying a few years and then selling I would suggest doing the updates.  You have plenty of time so you can do one project at a time.If I were you I would start by finishing the updates in the kitchen.  Then move on to the bathroom.  I would use tile on the floor unless marble is something other condo's have in your complex that you would be competing with come time to sell.

How can the estimate on my house be as much as $49,200 less than the tax appraisal?


Tax value has nothing to do with appraised value.  Tax value is what you pay taxes on period.  In fact I advised my clients that the objective is to keep that number as low as possible. Appraised value on the other hand has to do with the value set for banks to lend against.  In today's economic climate it is not unusual to see that value lower that tax value.You could request the your local municipality to reassess your tax value on you home but be careful what you ask is not always reduced.

How should i convert my office room into kitchen?


Spend some time determining exactly what features and benefits you are looking for in the new kitchen and bedroom.  Then call and interview at least 3 contractor/home improvement specialists about the work.  Make sure they have the required licenses for your state, are insured, bonded and carry workers compensation insurance if they have employees.  Also check them out with the BBB. Ask them for the names and numbers of their last 5 clients they have done work for and call them for references.  Make sure you are comparing apples to apples on all quotes given.