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you have a house listed on Zillow that is incorrect. 5 West Beamer St. how can you fix it?


I have sent the following to Zillow several times:5004 Paradise lane, Ely,MN 55731:This place does not exist:I originally created it. The address changed (per the county) and I created a new lising for the renamed address: 5004 Big Lake Rd, Ely,MN 55731.Please delete this listing!!!!!! (Note: Yes we sold the place on Nov 1 for $400K.)Eric W Schneider, former OwnerI don't think they care to fix any of their erroneous info. Good Luck with yours!!!! Eric

Our Street Name has Changed!

Please change our make me move listing from:5004 paradise LaneTo:  5004 Big Lake Rdas St Louis County has changed the name of the street.Thanks,Sharon and Eric owners