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Chicago - Naperville


Find a good agent that can match your wallet to your expectations! A good agent will explain to you why valuations are such--it all comes down to location the further out you go the more your dollar will buy. I'm always willing to take your questions.

Why "wouldn't" you use a buyer's agent?


Bblank -- you are quite misinformed-- the seller has a contract to pay the listing agent a commission. It doesnt matter whether or not there is an agent on the buyers side or not--the seller is commited to the the full commission htat is agreed to upfront. You are not saving money by not using an agent, if anything you are losing out beacuse a good agent will negotiate in your best interest.

Are you willing to come down in price?


A good Realtor can actually save you money by insuring you dont overpay. The benefit to you, the buyer, is that there is nothing out of pocket typically when you utilize the professional services of a Realtor because the seller's agent provides the cooperating commission. You would benefit from someone to represent your interest and help you navigate through the inspection, mortgage process. John Miller, Charles Rutenberg Realty, 630 -607-2992.