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Zillow has Addresses Wrong on Edgewood Ave - Crystal Lake 60014

Please fix the addresses on Edgewood Ave. in Crystal Lake IL 60014.  The only address that is correct is the vacant lot at 160 Edgewood Ave (which I now own) and I moved my houses address 164 Edgewood ave to the correct house.  The street numbers get lower toward the dead end of the street.  For example it has my houses address as 104 Edgewood but 104 is one of the last houses on the street at the dead end by the park.  Please fix this.Thank you!

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Dear Zillow Support,Edgewood Ave. in Crystal Lake, IL 60014 is backwards. I live at 164 and am the 3 house on the street and your map has me down towards the dead end of the street. 100 Edgewood is at the dead end and the high numbers are where North Shore Drive ends. Thanks for doing the correction!!! Sweet site!Charlie